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The gist:

I’m a filmmaker, entrepreneur and engineer.

I  am the founder of Positron, a consulting company that provides creative engineering,  gaming, and motion simulators for the world’s top brands.

My film work often explores philosophical or contemporary themes in drama, sci-fi and thriller genres. My production company is Burning Myth Films.

I’m interested in art, technology, and their impact on spiritual human beings.


Professional Bragging Bio in 60 seconds:

  • Jeffrey Travis is the founder of Positron,  a creative agency that makes immersive and interactive experiences, including motion simulator games , holograms, and virtual reality apps for clients such as  Chevron, John Deere, GE.
  • Jeffrey  is a creative professional whose works include films, screenplays, books, code, art installations,  motion simulator rides— creations that often combine technical wizardry with a visual story-telling aesthetic.
  • His feature film Dragon Day was picked up for distribution by E1 and Spotlight Pictures. It was released in North America in the fall of 2014.
  • Jeffrey’s film Flatland, a half-hour animated sci-fi movie starring Martin Sheen and Kristen Bell, has been seen by over 1 million school-children in the US.  It has been featured at the Centre Pompidou as an installation,  optioned to become an IMAX 3D movie,  spawned a sequel (Flatland 2: Sphereland) and its artwork created a new book Flatland: The Movie Edition by Princeton Press.
  • He has written and directed numerous short films which have played around the globe at festivals like Cannes, SXSW, and Toronto.
  • In 2011, Jeffrey was the keynote speaker to over 12,000 educators at NCTM for my keynote speech on “The Power of Story in Mathematics”, showcasing 3D content combining math and story.
  • Originally studied electrical engineering and biomedical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, where he obtained his Master’s degree and fell in love with the LabVIEW programming language.
  • Jeffrey is the author of the best-selling LabVIEW For Everyone book (Prentice-Hall), along with Internet Applications in LabVIEW (Prentice-Hall).