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LabVIEW Open Source Tools (L.O.S.T.)

What is this L.O.S.T. site?

The LabVIEW Open Source Tools (L.O.S.T.) site is an initiative to encourage and promote the use and development of open source, free software for the LabVIEW community. For more information, see the FAQ section.

Currently there are three tools available for download:

  • LabVNC: LabVNC is a cross-platform utility for letting you instantly and without any programming, remotely control a VI over the web. It turns any VI you choose into a Java applet on the fly, allowing you full control through the web browser.
  • LabSQL is a toolkit for using Microsoft's ADO ActiveX component in LabVIEW to connect to and run SQL queries on any ODBC-compliant database, such as Access, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • LabPerl is an API to allow Perl and LabVIEW to communicate

Also check out the LabXML open source project for XML tools for LabVIEW!

All the software on this L.O.S.T. site is FREE, licensed under the GNU Lesser Public License. The source code is also freely available. You are encouraged to download, use, modify, re-distribute, and contribute to this software. You are welcome to use any of these tools in your projects.

I would love to see this list grow; please email me if you have any open source tools you would like to contribute! Also, if you would like to contribute to further development on any of these tools, please let me know.

DISCLAIMER: I do not provide technical support of any kind for these tools. They are provided on an "as is" basis, with no warranty of any kind. You can purchase technical support packages from Rayodyne; please visit their website for contact information.

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