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Software Consulting and Development

With over 15 years of experience, Jeffrey Travis Studios LLC (JTS) provides strategic consulting and custom software development services in a wide range of industries.   In addition to Jeffrey, the founder "guru", we have access to a wider team of consultants, expert-level coders, project managers, and database admins to create the solution that's right for you. 

Lately, we've been involved with creating multisensory experiences such as Simulator Games for tradeshows, education and marketing.

We wrote the book on LabVIEW

If you have need for LabVIEW-based programming or development, look no further. We literally wrote the book on it. Jeffrey Travis is the co-author of LabVIEW For Everyone, now in its 3rd edition— the bestselling guide to LabVIEW.

From small companies to Fortune 100, whether it's code modifications or a turnkey product solution, chances are we can do it.

Contact JTS to get a free initial consultation on how we can help with your project.

Languages and Technologies

  1. LabVIEW

  2. C++

  3. C#

  4. Java

  5. ASP .NET

  6. LAMP (Linux / Apache / mySQL / PHP)

•Visual Basic

•System Architecture

•Data Acquisition (National Instruments products)

•Instrument Control

•Process Control

  1. Industrial Automation


Some of our clients include:

•GE Energy

  1. Chevron

  2. 3M

  3. John Deere

  4. National Instruments

  5. Ingersoll-Rand

  6. Cisco

  7. Premise Corp

  8. Zengar Institute

  9. Southern African Large Telescope

  10. Novazine Pharamceutical

  11. Raytheon

  12. Emerson

  13. WJF Institute

  14. Corporación Industrial Uruapan

  15. ... and many more


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