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"I think this was the best course I have taken since I started doing professional courses"

-- Mark Derome, MIT Haystack Observatory


"I was very impressed with the amount and variety of material that was covered in a short period of time."

-- Michael Schwarm, Lucent Technologies


"Excellent course; I really learned a lot! I especially liked the DataSocket and Java/HTML portions-- I didn't know you could do some of those things with LabVIEW"

-- Stuart Gillen, National Instruments


LabVIEW Internet Applications
Instructor-based course

(c) 2000 Jeffrey Travis

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Get a FREE copy of Internet Applications in LabVIEW when you take this course (book is included with your course materials)

  • Learn to Internet-enable your LabVIEW 6i apps!
  • Get the necessary background on TCP/IP, networking, HTTP, HTML, Web techniques, network security and more-- in one class
  • Get the scoop on how Java, ActiveX, CGI work with LabVIEW
  • Apply DataSocket and VI Server to create network apps.
Course Description

Ready to jump-start your Internet-enabled applications? This instructor-based curriculum is an intensive 3-day course that covers the essential material in my book Internet Applications in LabVIEW.

Download the detailed course description (pdf)

Detailed outline:

  1. Introduction
    • Course Layout
    • Virtual Instrumentation and the Internet
    • Remote monitoring, remote control, collaboration, distributed computing
    • Product and tools available
  2. Internet Technologies: Basic Principles
    • Internet keywords and buzzwords
    • Networks and client-server models
    • Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP
    • Understanding your network configuration: IP addresses, DNS, gateways, subnet masks
    • High-level network protocols and applications: E-mail, FTP, Telnet, HTTP
  3. Internet Technologies: Interfacing to the Web
    • Web browsers and servers
    • HTTP
    • HTML: overview, editors
    • XML
    • Related technologies: JavaScript, ASP, DHTML, Plug-ins
    • Wireless Web: WAP, WML, WMLScript
  4. Internet Technologies: Interacting with the Web
    • CGI: forms, imagemaps
    • Java: applications, applets, JavaBeans
    • ActiveX controls
  5. Low-level networking with LabVIEW: TCP/IP and UDP
    • TCP/IP, UDP VIs
    • Client -Server applications
    • RDA server for NI-DAQ
  6. Object-oriented etworking with LabVIEW: VI Server
    • VI Server concepts
    • Application Classes,VI Classes, Control Classes
    • Properties and Methods of Application Class
    • Properties and Methods of VI Class
    • Dynamic VI calling
  7. DataSocket in LabVIEW
    • DataSocket protocol (dstp)
    • DataSocket server
    • DataSocket Connections to Front Panel Controls
    • The DataSocket VIs
  8. Monitoring LabVIEW on the Web
    • G Web server
    • Dynamic Web files created with G Web server or Internet Toolkit
    • Custom HTML file creation from LabVIEW with the VI Server and Internet Toolkit
    • The LabVIEW Player
  9. Controlling LabVIEW over the Web
    • CGI (Internet Toolkit VIs)
    • Java applets with DataSocket
    • ActiveX controls with DataSocket
  10. Design Considerations for Internet-enabled applications
    • Choosing the right solution
    • Client/Server Design
    • Throughput, performance, robustness

Download the detailed course description (pdf)

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Training Locations and Schedules

This course is currently licensed to authorized training centers. You can contact the companies below or check their websites for info on schedules and pricing for upcoming courses. If you can't find what you're looking for, just email me!

Authorized Training Centers for LabVIEW Internet Applications:

Interested in licensing this course to teach your company? If you're in the training business, this course can represent an opportunity to earn additional revenue. If you also are a consulting company, the course can be not only a profit center, but also a source of valuable marketing and sales leads. Email me for details.

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